A downloadable Experiment for Windows

Angry Pink Elephant is a game about an Angry Pink Elephant.

With the Oculus on your head and the Leap on your hand (important, I used a DK1, so you should have the Leap on the hand you are not using, so it rotates with your body), you'll unlock the final human fantasy : Control a pink Trunk in Virtual Reality!

You are an elephant, that came from the jungle with a dream: Becoming an orchestra director, and having revenge on poachers. Now you turn 'em poachers into slaves and put them in a cage, and you force them to play different instrument sections for your pleasure.

After looking at an instrument section with Slaves on it, you can force them to:

1.Raise or lower the volume of the section, moving your hand up or down.

2.Increase or reduce the rhythm, moving your hand left and right. It changes the speed when a complete Left->Right-Left circle is complete, due to smart algorithms that know what's good for you. The hand must be moved to the border of the screen in each case. Example: When moving to the Left, the Trunk Tip must touch the left border.

3.Grab the slaves and throw them around by pinching. Please note, keep your hand completely opened at all times except when you want to grab! Kittens died because of this!

This settings only change when looking at the section. If you want to fix them (though they decay when unnatended), just look to a different section before moving your hand.

Motivation increases when you keep the Volume and Speed in the Line marked with a Star. If you don't, slaves will hate you for destroying the songs of their childhood, and will try to escape when Motivation reaches 0.

If you see a bug, it was totally intended.

In the starting screen, look down for instructions.

Enjoy your new life!

P.D: I understand the contraption is a bit difficult to understand, so I made this video, in which I show most of it. I'm a professional surprise spoiler on my free time after all:


Oh! I'm Xanto, xantomen@gmail.com, for feedback, issues or just general talk! :D

Published Dec 01, 2014
TagsLeap Motion
InputsLeap Motion

Install instructions

Note: First screen doesn't have Hand detection, it's just so you can see the Instructions and select a song using the numbers on your keyboard.

Made in 22 hours active dev time (measured by RescueTime), plus loads of time searching the Internet for help in innumerable issues.

Only Windows at the moment, due to big size of the installers.


Download, then click on it. Choose 1280x800 resolution. Asks for keyboard input once in the game.

Completely needs both Oculus and Leap. Without Oculus you can't look down, and it's also not how it's meant to be played. It's near Christmas anyway, act accordingly!


PinkElephantSubmitBuild_win32.rar 340 MB